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How to Choose a Musical Instrument Properly

The first thing that you have to consider when playing an instrument is the sound of it. Which of all the instruments you like more for their sound more there that you like by the sound in a specific song.

After you've determined which sound you like is important to take into account your time availability, economic capacity and the immediate impression that you cause the...


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The newest concept in Music Instruction and counseling, The New York Academy of Music offers music lessons and instruction in suffolk county to beginners of all ages and skilled players at all levels.

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So you just saw the new documentary on Jimi Hendrix and want to start shredding on the guitar?? This leaves you with a few important choices & questions. What kind of guitar should I buy? Should I buy an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? Should I start with private lessons? Everyone has a different path in life and everyone has a different path when learning music. Some...


Music at Your Door | Massapequa Music School

Music at Your Door is the in home private lesson division of the New York Academy of Music. Music at Your Door brings the best music teachers to your home or business for private one on one or group music instruction Music Lessons in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule. We bring music to your door!

Massapequa Music School

Our team of music industry pros...


Massapequa DJ Lessons

Introduce young musicians to the latest wave of musical creativity and performance. DJ Academy provides a comprehensive group program to assist young DJs in reaching success!

Intimate Class Sizes DJ Academy gives focus to each student by limiting class size between 6-12 students. Classes are held on the latest cutting edge DJ gear. Private DJ & Production lessons are also...



Massapequa Music School


When it comes to music, style or genre is an important part of learning. The New York Academy of Music offers instrument lessons on a wide variety of styles. Our diverse staff make it possible for you to study almost any style of music there is We offer expert instructors in the genres of Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Contemporary, Broadway, Concert, ...


Guitar Lessons in Massapequa

Private Lesson Program at our facility or in your home. the new york academy of music instructors make learning music fun! our brand new facility is a great place to study any instrument! we specialize in custom tailored private lessons, nyssma prep and performance!

All styles

when it comes to music, style or genre is an important part of learning. the new york...


ParkCity Burlington Condos introduces Fresh Condo Living

Spring is around the corner and so is a fresh new condo opportunity! ParkCity Burlington Condos will soon be unveiled at Upper Middle Road and Walkers Line in Burlington. “Over 1500 people have registered for this exciting new condo and we are certain this real estate opportunity is unlike any other in the marketplace,” adds Debbie Cosic, of In2ition Realty,...